Accuracy is the first check point when you are looking for good metronomes~

musebook metronome m30 for iPhone and iPod touch
is the app you can get higher accurate beat timing than the other apps. m30 performs accurate beat timing exactly the same as iPhone's mp3 play timing. Therefore, m30's beat timing is very precise with any tempo so that you can get always stable beats for an hour even a day. (some other metronome apps are sometimes inaccurate or unstable; e.g. getting slower at 240 BPM or unstable at screen-lock)

  • Accurate Beat Timing with any tempo
  • Stable Beat Timing for an hour or even a day
  • The Same Beat Timing as iPhone's audio play timing
  • Simple Digital Hardware User Interface
  • Easy to Use & Control All Features on a Single Screen
  • 4-way Rotational Portrait & Landscape Screens
  • Accent on the first beat in a measure
  • Up & Down the Tempo at a click
  • Fast Up & Down the Tempo at a long press
  • Mute and Start/Stop buttons
  • Three metronome sound sets, tap and reference tone modes controlled by a slider

musebook metronome m30 is the most accurate metronome for iPhone and iPod touch, and m30 is very useful for professional musicians. (If you want a pendulum style, get m30 pendulum style)

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